Hello. This blog is nothing more than real reviews of products and services I buy and use. I always appreciated finding a well-written and thoughtful review that had meaningful information based on personal experiences. I feel strongly about consumer advocacy. However, it’s so hard to get a real story. I want to advocate for stuff that works, things I’ve had fun experiencing, as well as provide information to help people avoid wasting their hard-earned money. It seems that writing companies directly about their products and services has limited impact, so we’re going to try it “social-media style”. Here we go.

A bit of the philosophy here…

  • I do not write reviews for a living and I do not get any of the goods and services for free.
  • I think the most effective feedback comes from people who use products everyday, have real-world experiences and offer informative thoughts – this is most valuable to other consumers.
  • It’s hard to get a balanced review from the Internet. A lot of times people write reviews to complain, and it’s likely that most satisfied consumers, well, are just satisfied and aren’t out there writing about it.
  • Travel reviews are particularly difficult. These are often based on a lot of subjective views and experiences; e.g., that resort was horrible (well, because it was raining), etc. Also, travel reviews suffer more than anything from expectation gaps between price and experience.
  • The reviews I try to write are primarily rooted in the principles of value and utility. The notion that I pay for the things I review myself helps to emphasize these points – I feel good when I get value from spending my hard-earned money, and I feel angry when I don’t.

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