BBQ Lighters – Yes, really.

It’s coming up to BBQ season, and between lighting candles at home and a backup starter for lighting the propane BBQ, it was high time to investigate getting a new lighter. The local Home Depot had a couple of options. My first choice was the BZLTR200 flexible lighter. There were quite a few negative reviews on for this Bernzomatic Flexible Lighter, in fact it was pretty polarized between hate-it and love-it. I figured that a company that makes acetylene torches and professional welding equipment would be able to make a useful lighter. It purchased it, but returned it to the store later the same day. The main problem I had was that it did not start consistently. When it did start, it was like a mini-blow torch. The handle on the unit is also pretty big, and I would say unnecessarily large (if you’re like me, the places you want to store it favour a long, slender unit). I just wanted a refillable, flexible head lighter that started consistently. Maybe the company has some quality control problems, so either some work the way they are supposed-to and others, well, they get returned to the store. I ended up with a similar lighter from a local company, the X-Lite Flexible Head Lighter – it basically was the same thing, starts pretty much every time. The Butane gives it the flame thrower vibe that I am sure will be a conversation starter at my next dinner party. The only part of this that irks me, is the fact I had to make a trip back to the store to return something that pretty much just ought to work. Bummer. At least I walked back and got some exercise.

The bottom-line: Lighters are boring and not that exciting, except when you use one all the time you want something that starts consistently, beware of the the Bernzomatic lighters.


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