MacBook Air 13-Inch Mid 2013… Battery Life

Really? Another MacBook Air Review? This isn’t really a review per se, but I had to comment on my experiences with the MacBook Air. I have been a Mac user for about eight years, and I have always loved the stability of the OS X operating system along with its fresh ergonomic user interface. I recently had my Lenovo X220 laptop replaced by a MacBook Air 13-Inch Mid 2013 model (1.3 GHz i5 with 4 GB RAM and 250 GB SSD). Now, I am pretty sure I only had the 4-cell Lithium Ion Battery with my Lenovo, but I was only getting about 90 minutes of battery life after a couple years of using it. The MacBook Air has an impressively long battery life. I have stopped bringing the charging cord to the office, and I realistically can go from 8 AM to 6 PM without charging. It is so refreshing to not have to be stressed out about finding a power outlet or charging station at the airport. The claims are true, the battery life is very long.

The bottom line: Happy to be using it, great battery life, productivity is up and stress is down.


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