Jabra Speak 410 USB Speakerphone

The Jabra Speak 410 has literally got me using voice conferencing on my laptop. This is a USB speakerphone for use with Lync, Skype or any voice networking technologies. I always struggled with head-sets because I found them uncomfortable after using them for a while. The Jabra 410 (aka – the “puck”) connects via USB and works on any PC or Mac. I am now using it on my MacBook Air 13-inch with no compatibility issues. The most amazing this about it is the audio quality. The speaker audio is crisp and clear and it is loud enough to fill the whole room. The microphone has amazing omni-directional pick-up – I would never have imagined a microphone could work so well. Jabra offers a Speak 510 model that uses Bluetooth or USB, and although I have not used it some coworkers have found it to work equally well. This is a must have accessory for anyone who uses Lync or Skype conferencing for work purposes, and it makes my home office experience much better. I wish they had one in silver to match the MacBook.

You really can hear a pin-drop.

The bottom-line: A must have computer accessory with absolutely fantastic audio quality and amazing microphone pickup.


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