Compass mobile stand for iPad

The Compass 2 mobile stand for iPad is compact folding stand for use with the iPad. It feels like I had been looking for a good iPad stand for the kitchen for the longest time. We use our iPad 2 with the Apple iPad Smart Cover and we needed something that was able to support the iPad with the cover on, and have easy access to the port for charging. This review caught my attention in my Zite stream and I was immediately seized by the description and I ordered it. The notion of a durable, metal stand that folds-away compactly enticed me right away. The packaging and the unit itself is well put together, it shipped on time directly from TwelveSouth with no problems at all. The Compass 2 has rubber footings to be scratch-safe on what could be any kind of surface. The folding mechanisms at the hinge and the resting-arms operated smoothly, but not too loose to affect stability. The Compass 2 operates in a vertical or flat-angled position, with the latter being used for slightly elevating the screen when you are standing over in. In the vertical position, the Compass 2 holds the iPad in a portrait position very well. But, when turned to a landscape configuration or used the flat-angled position, the Compass 2 is not very stable at all. In fact, the Compass 2 is very unstable in the flat-angled position which makes for a very wobbly situation in the kitchen.

I wrote Twelve South about my experiences and complained about the wobbly configurations. The company was very responsive, and sent me an immediate replacement. I was pretty impressed with the customer service. Alas, the new stand was just as wobbly, if not worse. I actually took a video of my use in operation and sent it to them – they offered to send it to their design team but that was the last I heard. My two units currently sit unused on my office shelf – the wobbly lie-flat position makes it a bust for the kitchen.

Compass 2: Works Well Like This

Compass 2: Wobbly at Best – My Non-Starter

The bottom line: Excellent stand for compact portable use but only if you use the vertical, tripod, configuration with your iPad in portrait mode; otherwise, you won’t be happy with it.


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